Start Speaking
Korean From Day 1

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Start Speaking
Korean From Day 1

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Learn Korean With The Intensive Speaking Program

Eliminate your insecurities when speaking the Korean language. Step-by-step with your personal coach and supportive community.

If you have any questions, simply mail me here: [email protected]

Who is this program for?

"I'm going to travel to Korea. But I'm so nervous 🀯"

This is the best course for you if you are planning to travel to South Korea and need language skills to communicate.

"I'm not sure where to start learning πŸ€”"

This is the best course for you if you are unsure where to start because it gives you a structure to follow.

"I want to talk to Korean people. But I can't πŸ˜©"

This is the best course for you if you want to make Korean friends or talk to people in the Korean language.

How we solve your problem?

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"I talked with many Korean people and even got interviewed by KBS!"

"I had a lot of anxiety prior to my trip. I thought I wasn't gonna be able to speak Korean to Koreans.

But Koreanhoon really helped me increase my confidence! Feedback from the teacher was very helpful.

As a result, I had conversations with a variety of local Korean people including little kids, vendors, and even the crew from the national Korean broadcast for their program. 

The picture is the temple I went and it was one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life."

- Desiree Potter

"Learning became so fun and I'm eternally grateful for Ryan."

"Before this program, although there was a lot of information to help me learn Korean, I wasn't sure where to start.

This program gave structure to my learning! For example, I started with Hangul and mastered that before moving on to sentences.

As a result, I genuinely started to love learning Korean and about the culture. It makes me so happy to be a member of this program and continually learn."

- Domonique Landry

"I wrote 'Hobi, I love you.' and was photographed by Korea Dispatch."

"While I was at the concert (2022 Lollapalooza) waiting, we were given small pieces of cardboard. I ended up writing something small 'hobi I love you.' in Korean on it.

It was something I couldn't do before Koreanhoon! The way everything is broken down and the program being daily really helped me improve my Korean skills.

And it was photographed by Gettyimages, Rollingstone, and Korea Dispatch (Link goes to the article.)"

- Lindsay Wheeler

What Do People Say
About The Program?

Hear Students' Voices

What Do People Say
About The Program?

Hear Students' Voices

Who are the teachers?

Ryan Lee (Koreanhoon)

Principal of school

Ryan has devoted himself to helping Korean language learners for the past 4 years. His unique teaching method has gathered over 2.5 million followers on Tiktok, and Instagram. He's working on making Korean the world language by 2030.

Mia Jung

Vice-principal of school

With a Master's Degree in the Korean language as a second language at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Mia is a beloved Korean language teacher. Her motto is "Be a teacher who not only teaches but also learns from students."

Koreanhoon has worked with

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5 Weeks Program

Best Plan To Start
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  • Private Coaching For 5 Weeks
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • 33 Daily Video Lessons
  • 3 Live Zoom Sessions
  • 4 Self-Assessments
  • Exclusive Community

3 Sessions


4 Months Program

Most Popular Plan
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  • Private Coaching For 4 Months
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • 99 Daily Video Lessons
  • 9 Live Zoom Sessions
  • 12 Self-Assessments
  • Exclusive Community

8 Sessions


1 Year Program

Best For Dedicated Students
(Save $630)

  • Private Coaching For 1 Year
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • 264 Daily Video Lessons
  • 24 Live Zoom Sessions
  • 32 Self-Assessments
  • Exclusive Community

You can get a full refund anytime until the 7th day of your first session. No questions will be asked.

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