Brief History - Founder's Note

Mar 17, 2022

From now on, the short story that you are going to read is about a brief history of a brand called Koreanhoon.

But wait,

Why bother reading a history of a brand?

Well, unless you received an assignment from a professor to research the historical South Korean brand that made a revolutionary triumph in spreading a language and culture, you don't necessarily have to read it.

Sorry for those students. I hope you get an A+.

But, other than those,

Why bother reading a history of a brand?

Well... there's one very relatable reason for you.

The reason is,

You can glimpse a life of a young Korean boy who has fiercely searched for the meaning of life. And there's nothing that can illustrate it better than the brief history of the brand Koreanhoon.

By reading this story, you will be able to understand one individual's agony, sorrow, hope, and victory.

Hope you enjoy it.

Here comes the story.

Before Koreanhoon - The First Day

July 26th, 2018.

One South Korean boy arrived at Inchoen airport.

He was wearing a tank top with the UCSB logo on it.

Skinny, well-tanned, having just one small backpack from a year-long journey.

Although he looked tired, his eyes were glowing like a unique ayu fish swimming under the ocean.

He left South Korea one year ago, went through an exchange student program at the University of California, Santa Barbara for 10 months, and dropped by Paris for 1 month.

Welcomed by his little sister, his life in South Korea started again.


To be continued...

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