33 Day Challenge

Learn, Practice, And Get Feedback With 33 Easy & Fun Daily Missions


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33 Day Challenge Hangul

33 Day Challenge Expression1

33 Day Challenge Sentence1

Starts on June 19th, 2022

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Those are what have bothered Korean language learners a lot...


"How do I know whether I'm doing right or not?"

"How can I study regularly with my routine?"

"How can I keep myself motivated?"

"Am I pronouncing correctly?"

"Am I doing right?"


Say goodbye to all the problems with 33 Day Challenge!

How does it work?

1. Learn

You will receive a short video lesson every early morning. Watch and learn anytime during the day.

2. Practice

You will accomplish and upload your daily mission based on what you learn. We will use Flipgrid.

3. Get Feedback

You will receive feedback from the teacher so that you know what you are going well or wrong.

For 33 days in a row!

33 Day Challenge vs Video Course


33 Day Challenge

  • Learn with the teachers
  • Have classmates
  • Get feedback everyday


Video Course

  • Learn alone
  • Have no classmates
  • Get no feedback

33 Day Challenge vs Online Live Classes


33 Day Challenge

  • You can learn & practice anytime during the day.
  • You learn everyday.
  • You always get a personalized feedback.


Live Classes

  • If the time doesn't work, you can't participate.
  • You learn once or twice a week.
  • If it's a big group class, you can't always get a personalized feedback.

33 Day Challenge vs  Book


33 Day Challenge

  • Teacher motivates you every morning.
  • Video lessons teach you the correct pronunciation.
  • Teacher gives you feedback every evening.


Self-learning Book

  • No one motivates you.
  • Book doesn't teach you the correct pronunciation.
  • No one gives you feedback.

Starting from June 19th, 2022

33 Day Challenge Hangul

Master how to read and perfectly pronounce the Korean alphabet - Hangul - in just 33 days.

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Day 1. ㅏㅓ
Day 2. ㅗㅜ
Day 3. ㅡㅣ
Day 4. ㅐㅔ
Day 5. ㅏㅓㅗㅜㅡㅣㅐㅔ
Day 6. Writing 1
Day 7. ㅑㅕ
Day 8. ㅛㅠ
Day 9. ㅒㅖ
Day 10. ㅑㅕㅛㅠㅐㅖ
Day 11. Writing 2

Day 12. ㅘㅝ
Day 13. ㅙㅞㅚ
Day 14. ㅟㅢ
Day 15. ㅘㅝㅙㅞㅚㅟㅢ
Day 16. Writing 3
Day 17. ㅋㄱㄲ
Day 18. ㅌㄷㄸ
Day 19. ㅍㅂㅃ
Day 20. ㅊㅈㅉ
Day 21. ㅋㅌㅍㅊ
Day 22. ㄱㄷㅂㅈ

Day 23. ㄲㄸㅃㅉ
Day 24. Writing 4
Day 25. ㄴㅁㄹ
Day 26. ㅅㅆㅇㅎ
Day 27. Writing 5
Day 28. 악앜앆
Day 29. 앋앝앗았앚앛앟
Day 30. 압앞
Day 31. 안암알앙
Day 32. 넋곣읊없
Day 33. Assimilation

After 33 days, you will know the perfect pronunciation of 19 consonants and 21 vowels and the last consonant rule.

Starting from June 19th, 2022

33 Day Challenge Expression1

Master Korean expressions from your body parts to everything in your house in just 33 days.

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Day 1. 눈 코 입
Day 2. 귀 볼 턱
Day 3. 머리 머리카락 이마
Day 4. 얼굴 목 어깨
Day 5. 손 손가락 손톱
Day 6. 팔 겨드랑이 가슴
Day 7. 배 뱃살 배꼽
Day 8. 등 허리 엉덩이
Day 9. 다리 허벅지 무릎
Day 10. 발 발가락 발톱
Day 11. 책 공책 책상

Day 12. 노트 노트북 컴퓨터
Day 13. 연필 펜 샤프
Day 14. 달력 의자 가방
Day 15. 침대 베개 이불
Day 16. 문 창문 방충망
Day 17. 옷 옷장 옷걸이
Day 18. 바지 치마 원피스
Day 19. 티셔츠 후드티 셔츠
Day 20. 양말 신발 운동화
Day 21. 안경 귀걸이 목걸이
Day 22. 화장실 칫솔 치약

Day 23. 변기 휴지 똥
Day 24. 샤워기 샴푸 바디워시
Day 25. 부엌 숟가락 젓가락
Day 26. 싱크대 수세미 접시
Day 27. 프라이팬 냄비 국자
Day 28. 냉장고 계란 야채
Day 29. 고기 과일 맥주
Day 30. 거실 소파 쿠션
Day 31. 에어컨 리모콘 티비
Day 32. 꽃 나무 흙
Day 33. 하늘 구름 해

After 33 days, you will know 99 vocabulary about your body parts, things in your room, kitchen, living room, and garden.

33 Day Challenge Expression2

33 Day Challenge Expression3

33 Day Challenge Sentence1

33 Day Challenge Sentence2

33 Day Challenge Sentence3

will be launched later this year 😊

Imagine yourself in 33 days.

Are you speaking the Korean language confidently?


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